Vision & Mission


  •  Employing the best possible staff.
  •  Imparting affordable, inclusive, quality healthcare to all.
  •  Catering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients.
  •  Following merit-based, transparent and non-exploitative admission procedure.
  •  Inspiring the students to reach out to the poor and the marginalized, especially those in the rural areas.
  •  Promoting innovative research that will benefit the humanity.
  •  Endeavor to instill in them a healthy cultural rootedness that combines the best of traditional values with  modern and progressive sensibilities.
  • We think it is our duty to encourage and motivate the youth and bring out the best in them and make them responsible citizens and resource persons.
  •  Thorough training of students by efforts of regular practice of Ayurveda & interaction by utilizing current      information of Medicine.
  •  To be an active component of the national educational system.


  • To be a premier showing hospital known for its brilliance in all-encompassing medicinal services, quality training, and research.
  • We are committed to enhancing positivity and wellbeing in individuals, the environment, and the global community.
  • To become a global center of excellence in Ayurveda Medical education and Healthcare.
  • We are very much aware that every boy or a girl has inbuilt potential and creativity, which requires a right opportunity to exhibit in a commendable manner.
  • To be at the foremost position of knowledge in the domain of Ayurved and achieve highest possible standards.