Sr.Name of EmployeeFather's NameQualificationDate of Appointment
1 DR. MUKESH BRAHMABHATT Hospital Staff01-12-2018
2 DR. ANKITA VASANI Hospital Staff06-01-2014
3 DR. NEETA PATEL Hospital Staff06-01-2014
4 DR. KANAN SHARMA  Hospital Staff01-09-2020
5 DR. MEERA BHATTATHIRIPAD Hospital Staff27-01-2020
6 DR. DARSHANA CHAUHAN Hospital Staff01-01-2016
7 DR. NINJAL BHIMANI Hospital Staff19-02-2018
8 DR. DEVANGI ZALA Hospital Staff01-03-2021
9 MS. BHAVNA CHAVDA Hospital Staff13-12-2017
10 MR. MANAV GOHIL  Hospital Staff01-08-2019
11 MR. AJAY PADHIYAR  Hospital Staff16-01-2020
12 MS. ASHABEN BAVISHA  Hospital Staff01-11-2018
13 MR. SANJAY SONDARVA Hospital Staff01-03-2021
14 MR. DIVYESH VAZA Hospital Staff26-06-2018
15 MR. FIROZHUSEN MULTANI Hospital Staff01-11-2019
16 MS. MADHU MALAKIYA Hospital Staff01-09-2019
17 MR. HARESH PATOLIYA  Hospital Staff01-11-2018
18 MRS. SHOBHNABEN JALU Hospital Staff06-07-2018
19 MS. GEETABEN PARESHA Hospital Staff20-08-2018
20 MR. PRITESH BOTADRA Hospital Staff11-04-2019
21 MS. TASLIMA KHAN  Hospital Staff01-03-2021
22 MR. VIRAM KHATANA Hospital Staff28-01-2019
23 MR. VIJAY SOLANKI Hospital Staff13-08-2018
24 MR. VIRENDRA ZALADI Hospital Staff01-09-2018
25 MRS KAVITA DAVE Hospital Staff01-12-2018
26 MS. SHABNAM CHAUHAN Hospital Staff04-09-2017
27 MR. BALDEV KANZARIYA Hospital Staff01-01-2014
28 MR. RAJ SINDHAV Hospital Staff10-07-2019
29 DR. KINJAL GAJERA  PK Staff for IPD & OPD02-09-2019
30 MR. MAHESH PRAJAPATI PK Staff for IPD & OPD23-12-2019
31 MS. RATANBEN MAKWANA PK Staff for IPD & OPD11-06-2018
32 MRS. VAIDEHI PRAJAPATI PK Staff for IPD & OPD01-05-2019
33 MR. MANISH CHAUHAN PK Staff for IPD & OPD01-05-2017
34 MR. BHARAT PARMAR  PK Staff for IPD & OPD09-10-2018
35 MS. BHAGVATIBEN BASIDA  PK Staff for IPD & OPD01-01-2020
36 MR. SHIVAM ZALADI O.T. Staff01-11-2018
37 MS. JANVI ZALADI O.T. Staff01-12-2018
38 MR. MONIL LAMBHIYA O.T. Staff28-03-2019
39 MS. MAMTABEN ZALADI Labur Room 01-11-2018
40 MR. PRAVIN KATESIYA  Clinical Laboratory16-01-2020
41 MS. ILA GANDHI Clinical Laboratory01-07-2018
42 MS NEETABEN JOTANGIYA Clinical Laboratory01-03-2021
43 MRS. JASHUMATI TAVETHIA Clinical Laboratory01-11-2018
44 MRS. DEVUBEN MAKWANA Teacheing Pharmacy 01-12-2018
45 MS. MANISHA PATOLIYA  Teacheing Pharmacy 01-12-2018
46 MS. JIGISHA PATOLIYA  Teacheing Pharmacy 01-12-2018
47 MRS. SWATI BHESANIYA Teacheing Pharmacy 21-06-2018
48 Mr. Alpesh Dhanani Teaching Pharmacy01-12-2018
49 MR. RAMESH VADOLIYA Others01-01-2014
50 MR. MUKESH RAVAL Others16-12-2019
51 MR. ASHWIN METRA Others01-08-2017
52 MR. KAMTA PRASAD Others01-01-2016
53 MR. SATISH VAGHELA Others06-01-2014
54 MS. DEVANGI KHOKHANI Others01-10-2018
55 Mr.JAYESH KAKADIYA Teaching Pharmacy01-12-2018
56 MS. DHARA CHAVDA  Teaching Pharmacy 01-01-2020
57 MR. GAURANG MANIYAR Others01-01-2016
58 MS. HINABEN ZALA Others01-11-2018
59 DR. AMIT HAPPANI Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
60 DR. VIBHAKAR R Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
61 Dr. NITA THAKKAR  Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
62 DR. ATUL PANDYA Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
63 DR. MAYANK MODI  Modern Medical Staff01-07-2020
64 DR. ANIMESH DHRUV Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
65 DR. MEHUL MITRA Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
66 DR. NIKHIL TRIVEDI Modern Medical Staff06-01-2014
67 DR. RAVI VALA Modern Medical Staff11-03-2019
68 DR. VIBHUTI VEKARIYA Modern Medical Staff01-10-2018